Pedal Boats in Barrage Lake

In 1904, during the construction of the Panama Canal, a temporary settlement known as New Portobelo was built where El Otro Lado now resides. The settlement was evacuated in 1914, and during these 80 years, nature retook its territory leaving no trace of this settlement with the exception of our private historical Dam. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you ride in the pedal boats through this century-old barrage lake.

Wake Board

Not everyone can say that they have wakeboarded in the waters where the story tells that Francis Drake, the famous English corsair of the 16th century, rests.

Difficulty: Intermediate/advanced

Banana Boat

Feel the adrenaline and the wind in your face while rushing and zigzagging in between sailboats in the bay of Portobelo.

Difficulty: Beginner

Deep Board Diving

Twist and turn at full speed underwater with our new deep board. See underwater landscapes, shipwrecks and seagrass in the bay of Portobelo.

Difficulty: Moderate

Guided Kayak Tour

Discover flora and fauna in the bay and the mangroves of the Portobelo National Park. You can take a great adventure or an easy ride through the neighboring mangroves.

Difficulty: Moderate/Intermediate

Artisanal Fishing

Go on an artisanal fishing experience like locals do daily.
You will be accompanied by a traditional fisherman who will take you to the best spots. You can later enjoy your catch for lunch or dinner!

Snorkeling Tour

Explore the famous crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Discover the coral reefs at the Portobelo National Park. You will witness colorful coral and a vast variety of reef fish.


Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in Portobelo. A historic bay with a great variety of underwater attractions worth exploring. A 110-foot freighter, a C-45 airplane, coral reefs, the famous Drake Island, and the Salmedena reef are some local favorites, but plenty more are ready to be discovered!

Packing tips: Since the major part of our activities are outside and take place in the tropics, we recommend light clothing, hat and comfortable shoes.
In your room: you will find sun protection and insect repellent which can be useful during your stay.
Our staff:Most of our collaborators are born and raised in Portobelo and are perfectly familiar with every corner of the estate and its surroundings; take advantage of their knowledge. Do not forget your camera….…observe and enjoy. Every place is unique.
Our boats are equipped with life jackets, as well as dry towels and, depending on the activity you have chosen, picnic service or refrigerator. We also provide snorkeling equipment.