If you desire an authentic, custom-made experience during your stay, please contact us at: info@elotrolado.com.pa

Special Activities

Mangrove Safari

Feel like in a safari through the mangroves in the Farahona, one of the main characters of the property. Sit back, relax, dance into the sunset while observing the beauty of nature. Lets make it a romantic ride, a party with friends or a jungle expedition with your family.
This versatile activity will amaze you without a doubt.

Portobelo Town Cultural Walk

The town of Portobelo encompasses an array of stories that date back to the Spanish Colonial Period in the XVII century. Travel back in time while wondering its streets, visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, the church of the “Black Christ”, learn about the Congo Culture, and learn more about the “Portobelo Bay Foundation» and get to know the people in town.

Taste of the Tropics Cooking Class (House made hot sauce and Mojitos workshop)

Indulge your taste buds with the intensity of the “Aji Chombo”, the fiery Panamenian red pepper from the Caribbean Coast. Learn how to make the secret recipe of our homemade spicy sauce “La Llamarada” accompanied by our version of “El Otro Lado” mojito.

Drinks at the Barrage Lake

A truly special and unique place at the highest point of our property. A century old barrage and small wooden homestead await you, where, at your request, you can enjoy cocktails and snacks while gazing at the captivating nature that surrounds you.

If you desire an authentic, custom-made experience, please contact us at: info@elotrolado.com.pa or +507 202-0111.