Let the sea and the jungle set you free


Portobelo is one of the leading dive destinations in Panama, with more than a dozen spots to visit. Underwater, in this historic bay, you will find an interesting variety of attractions to explore, including a 110-foot freighter, a C-45 twin-engine, and several coral reef areas that are not very deep and that are fairly close to the coast. Professional PADI divers recommend Drake Island, Reef Salamendena, the Tres Hermanas area and Playa Blanca

Artisanal Fishing

The definition of the indigenous name “Panamá” is “abundance of fish”. If you appreciate fishing, you may go to places near Portobelo, in one of our motor-launches and always accompanied by one of our fishermen-skippers who know the area. Tuna, snapper, grouper, are all commonly found in these nearby seas. Or, if you prefer, you may relax and cast your rod in search of sea bass, snapper and other species in the fresh-water rivers that feed into the estuary and bay.

Kayaking through the rivers

This is one of the most recommended activities of El Otro Lado. At either early morning or just before sunset (4:30PM), you may enjoy the river and its mangroves as you silently navigate in a modern kayak. This activity allows nature lovers and adventurers an opportunity to watch as the river reveals her splendid landscapes.

Hiking in the rainforest

Trekking is a rewarding and enjoyable activity that combines sport, nature, and culture. We recommend to be physically prepared for this exercise, as it is somewhat strenuous. Mountain paths, uneven ground, wet and slippery trails require more than a bit of attention while trekking in the jungle. A knowledgeable local guide (with machete) will accompany you along the way. Duration is between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

Water Sports

Enjoy paddle boards, paddle boats, water ski and banana boats.

Packing tips: Since the major part of our activities are outside and take place in the tropics, we recommend light clothing, hat and comfortable shoes.
In your room: you will find sun protection and insect repellent which can be useful during your stay.
Our staff:Most of our collaborators are born and raised in Portobelo and are perfectly familiar with every corner of the estate and its surroundings; take advantage of their knowledge. Do not forget your camera….…observe and enjoy. Every place is unique.
Our boats are equipped with life jackets, as well as dry towels and, depending on the activity you have chosen, picnic service or refrigerator. We also provide snorkeling equipment.