Reservations department


Tel: +507 202.0111

Whatsapp: +507 6997 7977

For English +507 6675-2693 

For Spanish +507 6781-5850


    • What is your uncorking policy (food and drinks)?

      El Otro Lado offers you a complete menu, with more than 20 wines between whites, reds, rosé and sparkling from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina and Chile. All of them are served in Reidel glassware by our staff trained by international stature sommeliers. If you wish to bring your own wine, another drink or meal, a $50.00 USD charge will be place to your account per day and per person as a corkage service.

    • How are reservations modified or cancelled?

      To confirm your reservation, the 30% deposit for accommodations plus taxes is required, prior to your arrival.
      Any request for cancellation or modification of dates must be submitted in writing directly to the reservations

      Notice of cancellation, or modification of dates, received with less than 1 month – Non reimbursable.
      Notice of cancellation, or modification of dates received, between 1 to 3 months in advance – 70% refund.
      Notice of cancellation or modification of dates received with 3 months in advance – 100% of deposit reimbursed.

    • Are pets allowed?

      Pets are not allowed.

    • What are the arrival and departure times?

      We ask that you schedule your arrival (check-in) after 3pm and your departure (check-out) before 1pm.
      There is no charge for arriving before the set time or for a late departure, if the room is available, we will gladly accommodate your arrival and departure times outside the above-mentioned arrival times without any additional charge, in case we have availability and if this is not inconvenience for other guests.

    • What are the capacities of the houses? Can I request additional beds?

      Each house has a maximum occupancy of two (2) people for Sun, Forest and Sea House, and four (4) for Spirit House. The rate is the same for two people or one. To maintain the comfort spirit, El Otro Lado does not provide extra beds in any of the houses.

    • Is there accessibility for people with special needs?

      The facilities design and the particular characteristics of maritime transportation to access El Otro Lado hinder the movement of people with physical limitations. However, we will always try to provide what is necessary to ensure that this is not an impediment to your stay.

    • What is your policy for minors?

      People of all ages are welcome. However, it is prudent for all parents of families to understand that adequate and continuous supervision of their children is an unequivocal requirement. It is important to respect the privacy and space of other customers during meals and avoid uncomfortable situations that unwittingly lead to the destruction or damage of artistic objects found in the retreat.

    • Is it safe to drink tap water?

      With the desire to provide our guests with clean and natural water. El Otro Lado has its own drinking water treatment plant. Every afternoon, while we open your bed, we include fresh and distilled water thermos. The Gazebo, restaurant and kitchen, uses bottled water. Similarly, in the mini bar were you will find bottles of Panama Blue mineral water.

    • What are the measures taken against mosquitoes and insects?

      Because El Otro Lado is located at a tropical forest environment, daily smoke based fumigation is scheduled between 6pm and 7pm. Similarly, all our rooms have repellents for your comfort.

    • What policy exists regarding tips?

      There is no mandatory charge. Tips are at your discretion.

    • What is the currency used in Panama? What is the exchange rate?

      B /. It is the symbol of balboas, which is the national currency of the Republic of Panama. The exchange rate in relation to the United States dollar is one-on-one, a Panamanian dollar is equal to an American dollar. This means that B /. 10.00 (ten balboas) are equivalent to US $ 10.00 (US dollars).

    • Are there restaurants in the area? What is your approximate distance?

      Casa Congo Restaurant, located inside the Congo House of Culture and with a huge terrace overlooking one of the historically most important and impressive bays in the Americas. It offers its visitors the delicious Caribbean cuisine, made with fresh and quality products. Our extensive menu offers a variety of dishes where tradition and modern cuisine are mixed.
      In the town of Sabanitas, there is Portobelo Grill, about a block after the intersection of Sabanitas (Many are those who talk about their hamburgers and fish fingers) – The approximate distance from Portobelo is 33 Kilometers.
      In the Coco Plum, a small hotel with diving facilities, there is a restaurant called Las Anclas, on the road following the sea line, about 4 miles before Portobelo (locals recommend their seafood soup & passion fruit cake) – The distance from Portobelo is approximately 6 kilometers.
      Las Torres is a small restaurant located on the right hand side of the road. 3 miles before reaching the town of Portobelo, this is the favorite restaurant of the locals (The portobeleños recommend the ceviche) – The distance from Portobelo is approximately 5 kilometers.
      The place of bread, “Panadería del Nazareno” a striking pink and orange house (good bread, smoothies and sandwiches) – Located in the center of the town of Portobelo.