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El Otro Lado is a family owned not for profit private retreat located in a secluded enclave of Portobelo Bay, a Unesco protected world heritage site and protected natural park in the Republic of Panama. This family of passionate creatives has worked for decades in keeping Portobelo’s rich cultural heritage alive by supporting social development through art, music, entrepreneurship and tourism.


We believe that what sets El Otro Lado apart from other luxury properties throughout the world is its capacity to blend nature, relaxation, history, culture and above all, an authentic local integration in a well crafted once in a lifetime experience aimed at those well travelled


An exciting private retreat built with respect for the environment and its natural setting. A colourful and unique architectural ensemble consisting of five exclusive villas of artistic chic design where you can forget everything but living, and where the word “feeling” takes on a new meaning.

We’ve learned to appreciate the complexity and depth of great destinations such as Portobelo Bay, one of the world’s last hidden treasures. Few places unite in one space such a profound wealth in nature, people, history and culture.  

A once in a lifetime experience isn’t born after staying at a sumptuous luxurious resort, but rather by bringing out what is unique and can’t be found elsewhere in a destination.  We provide an intimate behind the scenes access to Portobelo through our magical lens. 

Rates and Activities

More information about our Bed & Breakfast and Buy Out Experiences Rates

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These are our suggested itineraries for your stay.  We are more than happy to assist you create a personalized experience based on your requirements.

  1. Relax and Decompress

    • Yoga
    • Relaxing or therapeutic massage at the Barrage Lake
    • Art Workshop
    • Picnic at the Barrage Lake or at the Beach
    • Faraona Mangrove Safari
    • Taste of the Tropics Cooking Class
  2. Adventure

    • Rainforest Guided Hike
    • Guided Kayak Tour
    • Diving, snorkeling
    • Daily beach trips
  3. Cultural Immersion

    • Portobelo Town Cultural Walk
    • Art Workshop
    • Hike up to the forts
    • Taste of the Tropics Cooking Class
    • Private dinner at The Owner’s Villa
    • Portobelo Bay Foundation Cultural Presentation
  4. Wellness Retreats and Special Groups

    • Itineraries according to your needs
    • Spaces for forums, meetings, presentations
    • Group activities
  5. Honeymoon Experience

    • Sunset Mangrove Safari (La Faraona)
    • Relaxing or therapeutic couple massage
    • Picnic at the beach or at the Barrage Lake
  6. Family Time

    • Rainforest Guided Hike
    • Taste of the Tropics Cooking Class
    • Art Workshop
    • Movie night at Casa Grande
    • Kayak or wakeboard
    • Daily beach trips
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